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Overcoming Dental Anxiety: Tips and Tricks to Ease Anxiety at the Dentist

Dental anxiety and fear are very common and inhibits many people from scheduling dental appointments. Many patients experience distress and anxiety thinking about the dentist. However, delaying dental treatment can lead to pain, infection and loss of quality of life. Untreated dental disease will get worse and over time and will lead to more costly treatment in the future.

At Dr. Alice Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of addressing dental anxiety and our patient’s comfort is our top priority. Dr. Alice Family Dentistry’s mission is to deliver quality comprehensive preventative treatments as well as customized and comfortable dental care. At Dr.  Alice Family Dentistry you will experience a calm and relaxed environment.

Below are some tips for our patients to help relieve dental anxiety for their dental appointments.

  1. One of the best and most effective ways to reduce dental anxiety is to have open communication with your dentist. Express your fears and concerns to Dr. Alice and the dental team, so they can better understand your specific needs. Dr. Alice Reich Wank is an attentive and compassionate provider, and she works with her patients to alleviate anxiety.

  2. Visit Dr. Alice Family Dentistry before your appointment to reduce your anxiety. Get to know Dr. Alice and her friendly dental team prior to sitting in the dental chair. Visiting and familiarizing our office’s calm and homely atmosphere will relieve anxiety and stress prior to your appointment. 

  3. Lower your stress by practicing breathing and relaxation techniques. Deep breathing and exercise can help lower your anxiety prior to your appointment. And make your visit much more enjoyable.  

  4. Scheduling shorter appointments may relieve anxiety for patients. After visiting Dr. Alice Family Dentistry’s calm and relaxed environment, gradually extend appointment times and build up to longer appointment times. 

  5. At Dr. Alice Family Dentistry we encourage our patient’s to bring their headphones and listen to relaxing music. Dr. Alice’s patients have experienced significant decreased anxiety while listening to their favorite music or audiobook. Distracting yourself with headphones can decrease stress and take your mind off your dental appointment.  

  6. At Dr. Alice Family Dentistry we offer nitrous oxide sedation for our extremely anxious patients. Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedation technique to help anxious patients relax during their dental appointments. Dr. Alice will work with her patients to relieve dental anxiety and fear. Let Dr. Alice know about your anxiety and ask if sedation dentistry is an option for you. 

  7. Remind yourself that dentistry is an investment in your overall health and the long-term benefits of dental care outweigh the anxiety and unease. Focus on the positive impact dentistry will have on your oral health. Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and seeking treatment can prevent long-term systemic health conditions and motivate you to practice reducing dental anxiety. 

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from seeking the essential dental care you need. At Dr. Alice Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing a compassionate and thoughtful environment, where our nervous patients can feel at ease. By implementing these practical tips and working closely with our dental team, you can conquer dental anxiety and achieve optimal oral health without anxiety stopping your from taking care of yourself. Remember, an investment in your oral health is an investment in your long-term health and well-being. At Dr. Alice Family Dentistry we are here to support you, reduce stress and anxiety and help our patients achieve optimal dental health. 



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